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Tagore Publication Assistance Programme

French Embassy in India – Book Office / Institut français de Paris

Description :


Started in 1990, the Publication Assistance Programme has enabled over 12 000 titles by French language writers to be translated and published in 75 countries. These programmes have been a major tool of development of influence of French literature and though around the globe. The provisions of this programme have benefited foreign publishers willing to add French language writers in their catalogue via translation (or in certain cases local editions in French)


Publication Assistance Programme in India, called Tagore, is a support programme for Indian publishers who wish to publish a French book translated into English or into any Indian language.


Selection Criterions :

• intrinsic quality of the book and its importance in terms of creative aspects and that of French thought;

• local publisher’s commitment in distributing and promoting the book;

• activity and participation of the local publisher in developing a long-term translation policy for publishing French writers.


There is no restriction in terms of type of the works (literature, children’s literature, graphic novels, social sciences and humanities, academic and scientific publications) provided there is a readership in India.


Kind of assistance :


Indian publisher may ask for our help in:


Funding of rights expenses or licence fee (assistance provided by Institut Français, an autonomous agency for cultural exchange under the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the French Book Office): from centralized budget of Institut Français, payment of the rights expenses/ licence fee already negotiated between Indian and French publishers as advance payment or as per flat fee. In this case, the assistance allocated by Institut Français, on suggestion of the Book Offices of the French Embassies abroad, is directly paid to the French publishers, as a substitution to the payment made by the Indian publisher. Please note that these rights can’t be reimbursed to the Indian publisher but will be paid directly to the French Publisher.

A contract between Institut Français and Indian publisher is then signed to regulate the modalities. This support has to be mentioned in all printed copies of the book (as per the contract).


Assistance to publication (local assistance): from the local budget of the French Book Office, payment of part of the production, translation and communication costs of the book. In this case, the assistance allocated by the Book Office of the French Embassy in India is directly paid to the Indian publisher.

A contract between the French Embassy and Indian publisher is then signed to regulate the modalities. This support has to be mentioned in all printed copies of the book (as per the contract).


Application file :


This file, which will allow the funding agencies to assess the seriousness of the project and the quality of the book should contain the following documents:


  1. Recent catalogue. For the first time along with the general profile of the company.
  2. Two information sheets on the book: identification form and provisional budget (income and expense should be of equal amount). The Book Office will provide these sheets.
  3. Contract of obtaining the rights signed between the Indian publisher and the actual rights-holding publisher in France. NO PAYMENTS WILL BE MADE WITHOUT THIS CONTRACT.
  4. c.v. of the translator
  5. Translation contract signed between the Indian publishing house and the translator of the book.
  6. If needed, complementary press clippings on the book and a copy of the work in case the writer or the title is lesser known.
  7. Bank account details of the Indian publisher along with swift and related codes for national/international transfer.


  1. If payment of rights requested, two copies of the agreement established by Institut Français de Paris, signed by the Indian publisher. The French version of this agreement has to be signed but we keep the English translation at your disposal. If the file is accepted, one copy of this agreement, countersigned by Institut Français de Paris, shall be sent back to the Indian publisher. This agreement will be provided by the Book Office.


Deposit your file to :

French Embassy in India – Book Office

Nicolas Idier

2 A.P.J Abdul Kalam Road

New Delhi 110 011

Tel: 09205352466, 09205352467

e-mail : ;


Scrutiny of the file:


Two sessions every year:


1.      only complete files received by the Book Office before 10th of May 2017 will be considered.

2.      only complete files received by the Book Office before 5th of December 2017 will be considered.


The Book Office will get back to the applicant publisher within two months after each session.


  • Local assistance to publication: Decision of the Book Office.
  • Payments of the foreign language rights expenses: Final decision by Institut Français, on the advice of the Book Office.


Special Cases and Remarks:


- A publishing house can send several files for each session.


- For the payments of the licence fee, if a supplementary amount is due by the Indian publisher to the French publisher at a later stage (for reprint, supplementary edition, royalties…), it has to be paid by the Indian publisher. 


- In case of substantial postponement of publication of a title in India, the Book Office can interrupt its collaboration with the Indian publishing house till the title is brought out properly.


- According to the practice in force since its inception, the books published in the Publication Assistance Programme should print on the book the assistance provided as per the contract.

Supported by Us

Jeremiah - 1 / Jeremiah
Author :  Hermann
Translated in :  Tamil
Translated by : 
Published by : Lion Comics
Date of publication : Feb 2017

One of Europe's most revered comics classics comes to America! At the end of the twen...

Plaisirs cuisinés ou poisons cachés / The great health scam : shocking revelations from a chef and a scientist
Author :  Gilles-Eric Seralini - Jerome Douzelet - Foreword Vandana Shiva
Translated in :  English
Translated by : David Hughes
Published by : Natraj Publishers
Date of publication : 2016

Would you believe it if you were told a lot of all that appetizing, supposedly nutrit...

Fukushima, récit d'un désastre / Fukushima, oru perazhivin kathai
Author :  Michaël Ferrier
Translated in :  Tamil
Translated by : S. A. vengada Soupraya Nayagar
Published by : Thadagam
Date of publication : 2015

L'Homme révolté / Puratchiyalan (The Rebel)
Author :  Albert Camus
Translated in :  Tamil
Translated by : Nagarathinam Krishna
Published by : Kalachuvadu publications
Date of publication : Dec 2016

The Rebel (French title: L'Homme révolté) is a 1951 book-length essay by Albert Cam...

Anthologie de poèmes / Seine Theke Ganga
Author :  André Velter
Translated in :  Bangla
Translated by : Kanchana Mukhopadhyay
Published by : Bingsha Shatabdi
Date of publication : 2016

Bengali literature has a long tradition of translating French books since early ninet...

Poésie et photographie / Poetry and Photography
Author :  Yves Bonnefoy
Translated in :  English
Translated by : Chris Turner
Published by : Seagull Books
Date of publication : 2017

The international community of letters mourned the recent death of Yves Bonnefoy, un...

Sur la télévision / Tholaikkaatchi: Oru Kannottam
Author :  Pierre Bourdieu
Translated in :  Tamil
Translated by : V. Sriram
Published by : Cre-A Publishers
Date of publication : Jan 2017

Tholaikkaatchi: Oru Kannottam is a book by Pierre Bourdieu, transcribing the content...

Terre des Hommes / Kaattru, Manal, Natchaththirangal
Author :  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Translated in :  Tamil
Translated by : V. Sriram
Published by : Cre-A Publishers
Date of publication : Jan 2017

Kaattru, Manal, Natchaththirangal (French title: Terre des hommes) is a memoir by the...

Petties villes et Décentralisation en Inde / Small Towns and Decentralisation in India
Author :  Rémi de Bercegol
Translated in :  English
Translated by : 
Published by : Springer
Date of publication : 2017

This book examines the impact that decentralisation reforms, initiated in the ear...

Le canape rouge / The Red Sofa
Author :  Michèle Lesbre
Translated in :  English
Translated by : Nicole and David Ball
Published by : Seagull Books
Date of publication : 2016

In The Red Sofa, we meet Anne, a young woman setting off on the Trans-Siberian Railwa...

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